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Sculptural Objects
by Darrell Markewitz

Increasingly, my personal work becomes focused on fine art sculptural works.

Although design has always been an important consideration with all my past work, the shift here has been away from the functional. The objects illustrated here often are more conceptual than technical.
Many of these are smaller pieces (often table top sizes).

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'Poke Your Eye Out'
Quad State - Gallery - 2012

the Quad State Roundup is a long standing regional blacksmith's conference, held each year the fourth weekend of September. Along with physical demonstrations, there is a member's gallery showcasing work. There is usually a special 'theme' set to encourage new work. Over the years, I have often created a piece, usually attempting to deal as creatively as possible with the theme.
For 2012, the theme was 'poker'. I wanted to really step away from the expected fire place tools, I was struck by that old warnings from generations of mothers to young boys...
Long rods of 1/4 round are drawn to sharp tapering points, the other end to contorted balls. This allows for counterblanced hanging of the individuals elements.

'Now in 3-D'
'Styl Squared' - 2011

This would have been my last entry for the annual Styl Squared exhibit of work hosted by the Styl Gallery in Elora (A location closed soon after, the building sold to make way for a pub.)

As with past entries, each object had to be no more than 12 x 12 inches, and be wall hung. For this piece, structual angle has been crimped and forged to a spiral, which pulls way from the surface. A piece of mirror polished stainless steel reflects this element.

Available - $225
'Styl Squared' - 2011

Another entry for the annual Styl Squared exhibit of work hosted by the Styl Gallery in Elora.

A series of paired, forged elements, drawn to spirals. The underlaying polished stainless has been heated to pull out temper colours.
The source of inspiration was an aerial photograph of an oil rig tailings pond.
'Styl Squared' - 2010

This this was my second entry for the annual Styl Squared exhibit of work hosted by the Styl Gallery in Elora. It would later serve as the sample panel for my first inclusion into the Elora Sculpture Project (2013)

Here a number of narrow strips of metal are bound together. A number of forging techniques, primarily texturing, are used on each. Along with mild steel, both polished stainess and antique wrought iron materials are used.

Available - $225
'Styl Squared' - 2010

This this was one of two entries for the annual Styl Squared exhibit of work hosted by the Styl Gallery in Elora. Along with the 12 x 12 size and hanging format, none of the works could be priced more than $250.

Inspired by a microscope view of fish scales, two pieces of heavy milds steel plate are forged to apply punched lines and then slightly dished, then mounted over mirror polished stainless steel. Layers of brushed colour have been applied to the scale surfaces.
stones mini
Original - with frost
Stone Forest Mini
'Stone Forest' / Summer 2004

For many years, I quiet time over the August long weekend down on the beach at Goderich, Ont. At the end of the sandy swimming area was a long stretch covered with wonderful wave polished limestone pebbles. I have gathered many pails of these over the years.
One of my first sculptures was made using a series of roughly fist sized stones, drilled out to fix on to long pieces of 1/4 inch diameter mild steel rod. A group of these, of various lengths were mounted on a large slab of limestone.
An unexpected side effect was that the wind would lightly rattle the stones together.

Latter I made a number of miniature versions along the same concept, scaled to table top size (about 12 inches).

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