Reflections of the Conquest Art and Object inspired by the world of the Bayeux Tapestry

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The Entire Bayeux Tapestry
- by Highlands Ranch High School, Highlands Ranch, Colorado / Mr. Sedivy

"...the complete Bayeux Tapestry including the literal latin translation, and a description of the events depicted in each of the 48 web-sized panels."

The Bayeux Tapestry
- by The University of Kansas, Lawrence Kansas / Lynn Harry Nelson,

A short lecture that describes the tapestry, and its historical context. Also provides some excellent links for further studies.

Welcome to the Battle of Hastings
- by Glen Ray Crack / Battle, East Sussex, UK

"This is the story of the struggle between Harold the Second of England and Duke William of Normandy. The prize to the victor was the throne of England. - The year was 1066 ..."


La Tapisserie de Bayeux
- Ville de Bayeux
Atraund Freres 44477 - Carquefou Cedex

The complete tapestry shown in 1:7 scale.

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles
- Anne Savage
Colour Library Books, 1995 / 1-85833-478-0

The 'Chronicles' tell the story of each year of English history - written at the exact time, from the end of the Roman period (about 410) to 1154. This edition well illustrated and with excellent commentary on the period.

The Golden Age of Anglo-Saxon Art
- Blackhouse, Turner & Webster
British Museum Publications, 1984 / 0-7141-0532-5

"The spectacular flowering of Anglo-Saxon art in the century before the Norman Conquest..." A descriptive catalog of a major exhibit mounted by the British Museum in 1984.

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