Darrell Markewitz
the Wareham Forge
Hamlet of Wareham, RR #2,
Proton Station, ON N0C 1L0

Darrell Markewitz has long been interested in ancient artifacts, historical techniques, and how materials and process blend in Northern European cultures. Major achievements include his 'Norse Encampment' program for L'Anse aux Meadows NHSC and consulting on the international exhibit 'Vikings - North Atlantic Saga'. As an artist, Darrell has been long drawn to the sinuous curves in forged metals seen in the 'Art Nouveau' style.

"The basis for my work is a blending of traditional hot forging techniques inspired by ancient prototypes. Innovation is exercised by forming modern materials through these traditional methods. The modern Artisan Blacksmith is grounded in an ancient practice, informed by the work of past masters and inspired by modern possibilities."

Forged Copper, mechanism

I have done considerable work with cold-formed copper - but have been interested in the possibilities of working thicker material hot. The surface texturing and fire scale from this process, along with a slight chemical patina give the distinctive finish.


DM2 CIRCLES - Window Grill
Forged Mild Steel ('angle iron')

This piece is a smaller version of a possible garden gate. It is sized to fit a window 18" x 36" +. It also could be wall hung as seen here. The uprights are forged from 3/4' angle, flattened and spread to create the circle within an oval pattern in the positive and negative spacing. (Suitable for outdoor use)

$250 (Price does not include installation)

Forged Mild Steel, Solar Powered Lamp

This piece is one of a set of garden ornaments/decorative fence posts I designed. It

is forged from square tube, angle and round rod. The colours are also a recent feature of some of my work. (Suitable for outdoor use)


Forged Mild Steel, Glass

This piece is one of a set of garden ornaments/decorative fence posts I designed. It is forged from angle and channel, with a commercial glass disk set on the top. (Suitable for outdoor use)


635 layer steel alloys, carbon steel core

This knife uses the one-piece handle and blade type that I feel shows off the use of layered steel to best advantage. This piece uses the Middle Eastern 'Damascus' method, where a high layer billet is punched and cut to create distinctive patterns. The starting billet of material was created to illustrate the various possibilities of the technique.

DM6 RIVENDALE - Letter Opener
Layered steel alloys

About the time 'The Two Towers' was released, I was contacted by a customer to create a letter opener as a gift. I had been interested in the 'Art Nouveau does Norse' design style created for the Rivendale sequences of the films. I had generated a number of blade profiles for the customer based on these lines. This design (which I liked the best) was not the one he chose.


Layered steel alloys

One of the possibilities with hot forged metals is work on a smaller scale. Here a billet of layered steel has been formed to a thin ribbon, and then the ribbon folded into a series of 'S' curves to form the body of the brooch.


Beatten copper, forged steel

There is a relationship between the hot work of the forge and cold forming thinner or softer metals. Here copper sheet is dished and curved to hold the mirror, which in turn is supported by an agressively forged steel base.


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