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In the beginning there were the four elements ; Earth and Air, FIRE and Water. Of all of these, Fire was the most mysterious to our ancestors. It was the ability to harness Fire that would lead us on the long technological road that would bring us to our modern world. Of all the basic elements, Fire is the agent of transformation. Fire allows the conversion of rock to metal, of sand to glass, of mud to ceramic.
Even to the modern artisan, fire retains its mystery...


celebrates those crafts people who still directly employ Fire as a fundamental tool in their creative process.

WHAT - Out of the Fiery Furnace is an exhibit of the work of contemporary artisans, each of whom must personally manipulate materials at high temperatures during the creation process. Each artist may submit up to three individual objects.

WHERE - To take place at the Woodstock Museum, within the Grand Hall.

WHEN - Fall of 2005 (September 9 - October 29)
- Opening will be over September 9 - 11 to coincide with Woodstock's 'Door's Open'

WHO - The Exhibit is open to all Ontario Artisans.
- The exhibit will be curated by artisan blacksmith Darrell Markewitz

WHY - To involve the public in the work and processes created by Ontario artisans who work in more technical mediums - specifically those involving high temperatures.

GOAL - To profile a minimum of 25 artisans, with over 50 objects on display


Out of the Fiery Furnace will be open to objects that:

1) Are original art works (not multiples).
2) Are created by the contributing artisan.
3) Are recent works - finished after January 1, 2004.
4) Involve direct physical manipulation of materials by the artisan while these are heated to an incandescent / molten / plastic state. This must comprise the primary method of working. Examples would be: forged steels or bronze
blown glass
cast metals (if poured by artisan)
'raku' type ceramics
5) Objects must remain in place, and be active, for the entire progress of the exhibit (ie - no 'performance art').
6) Must be of a scale and type that allows for display at an interior gallery space. Any required mounts must be supplied with the work.


'Out of the Fiery Furnace' is open to all Ontario artisans. The exhibit will be juried, with individuals selected for entry based on past work. Entrants must submit FIVE slides representing past work. (In some cases direct invitations to participate will be sent to artists well known to the Jury team.) Selected Participants will be encouraged to create new works specifically for the Exhibit. The Curator reserves the option of refusal for any piece that, upon delivery, is deemed to be unsuitable for the Exhibit.

Exhibit Time Table:

Spring 2004 - publish open calls for submission

Fall 2004 - first jury selection
(ongoing on a regular basis as required)

June 30, 2005 - deadline for applications to enter

July 15 - final Jury selections notified

July 30 - deadline for submitting artist / work documentation
- start work on catalogue and exhibit signage

Sept 6 - 8 - all submitted work to arrive at Woodstock Museum
- installation of Exhibit

September 9 (Friday)- Evening Gala Opening (Artist's / Patron's Reception )

September 10 -11 - Public Opening (special events weekend)

October 29 - Exhibit closes

October 31 - November 3 - Exhibit dismantled, work available for pick up

November 15 - deadline for finalizing accounts from sales

Special Events:

A number of special events are being considered to provide both community outreach and generate extra interest in the Exhibit.

Demonstrations - The open square next the Museum may prove an ideal area to mount physical demonstrations of techniques that involve more portable equipment. Contributing artisans are invited to submit proposals.
This could include : Blacksmithing
Glass Bead Making
Metal Casting
Raku Ceramic

Workshops - Due to the nature of the mediums within the exhibit - and the types of technical facilities required, it may not prove possible to provide hands on workshops. If a submitting artisan feels they can provide a workshop at the Museum, they should discuss the possibilities with the Exhibit Curator.

Lectures - Ideally a series of lectures related to the exhibit should be undertaken. These may consist of technical, historical background, or feature overviews of specific artists or media. Again - proposals are sought.

Walking Tour -Under consideration is an afternoon walking tour of Woodstock by a knowledgeable member of the Museum or local Historical Board is an ideal public event. Ideally this would feature the types of work seen in the Exhibit.

Web Site - A 'virtual tour' of the exhibit will be created. This would involve the content of the Exhibit catalogue, illustrated by general photographs of the exhibit. Direct links to web sites of contributing artisans would be featured.


Objects contributed to the Exhibit may be offered for sale:
- The Woodstock museum will retain 15% of purchase price.
- Clear instructions must be provided of artist sales tax requirements.
- All objects sold must remain in place until the close of the Exhibit.
- Customers must pick up objects from the Museum over Oct 31 to Nov 3. If larger pieces require delivery or installation, these provisions must be arranged by the artist.


Out of the Fiery Furnace

Woodstock Museum
466 Dundas St
Woodstock ON - N4S 1C4

Artisan Name:

Studio Name:

Mailing Address:



Web Site:


Please attach a sheet listing: TITLE / short DESCRIPTION / rough SIZE / PRICE for each of your planned submissions.

Send your completed application information, along with FIVE slides of past work to:

Darrell Markewitz - the Wareham Forge
RR # 2 Proton Station, ON - N0C 1L0
(519) 923 - 9219 // furnace@warehamforge.ca


the Woodstock Museum

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