Grave Goods

Submission Requirements:

Grave Goods will be open to objects that:

1) Are original art works (including photographs / limited edition prints produced by the artist)
2) Are created by the contributing artisan.
3) Are recent works - finished after January 1, 2007.
4) Objects must remain in place, and be active, for the entire progress of the exhibit (ie - no 'performance art' - see below).
5) Must be of a scale and type that allows for display at this specific interior gallery space. Any required mounts must be supplied with the work.

Submission Details:

Ontario artists interested in contributing to Grave Goods will be juried, based on their past / current work.
Entrants must submit FIVE images representing past work - in a media type similar to that they wish to use for their contributions for the exhibit. (Need not be related to the theme!)
Images can be submitted as slides, prints or digital format (on CD).
Selected Participants will be encouraged to create new works specifically for the Exhibit.
The Curator reserves the option of refusal for any piece that, upon delivery, is deemed to be unsuitable for the Exhibit.

The jury process will begin as submissions arrive (any time after October 1. 2007), with the deadline for submissions being June 1, 2008.
The finial results of the jury process will be issued no latter than June 15, 2008. The jury will meet a number of times over the period, with each submitting artist contacted after their application has been assessed.

Returning Artists - Those artisans who contributed work to the two earlier exhibits (Reflections of the Conquest / Out of the Fiery Furnace) are specially invited to once again participate in Grave Goods. Please continue here if you are one of these people.

Limits on Types:

Objects for Grave Goods may be in almost any medium
All works submitted for this exhibit will be displayed in the open Grand Ballroom on the second floor of the Woodstock Museum. For that reason any work must be conform to the following maximum dimensions:
height - 6 feet
width - 4 feet
depth - 2 1/2 feet
weight - 100 lbs
Due to the historic nature of the Hall, nothing can be mounted directly onto the walls. A number of sealed cases, plinths and moveable wall sections will be available for mounting work. Care must be taken when designing supports for larger floor mounted pieces so these do not damage the hardwood surface.
Any work contributed to the exhibit must remain on constant display over the entire life of the exhibit. For that reason submissions of 'performance art' must be recorded to durable media only. Note that the contributing artist is responsible for providing the required screen / projection equipment. This must either be able to be visitor controlled or function as a repeating loop.

Submission Formats:

TEXT information must be provided as printed pages. (Do not assume that your data files can be opened!)
Go on for an easy to print APPLICATION FORM
IMAGES may be sent using the following formats: colour prints / standard slides / digital format
Those wishing to use digital format for their images need to follow the following instructions. This is primarily to avoid complications possible due to the huge number of formats available.
- Images must be converted to standard jpeg format (not straight from the camera)
- Image files must be submitted on a standard and generic CD disk
- Minimum image size 5 x 7 inches at 100 DPI / 500 x 700 pixels


VIDEO presentations for juring should not exceed five minutes in length. These should be sent as standard VHS tape or generic DVD format on disk.

Note - Although inclusion of your web site may help the jury get a fuller understanding of you and your work, a web site alone will not be considered as an application.


- Make sure that each image is clearly identified. The simplest way is use your initials plus a number (AZ-ONE). This should be placed on the back of any print / edge of a slide / as the file name on digital
- There should be an included description for each of the submitted images. This should include: title / medium / date / size. Please index the descriptions using the same identification code.


Those artists wishing their submissions returned must include a correctly sized and stamped self addressed envelope. Staff working on Grave Goods can assume no liability for any materials damaged or lost in the mail.

All Applicants will be contacted after the jury process.

All Text © Darrell Markewitz (unless otherwise attributed) Selected images taken from the linked web sites.