Pit Burn Charcoal
June 29 - July 1, 2007
Whitby ON

Primary Team:
Darrell / Neil / Meghan / Richard / Ken / Sam
With assistance from various others passing by at the wrong moments
Special thanks to Russ for his suggestions

Photo Essay of the Experiment

Digging the pit
Finished 2 x 2 x 4 foot pit
Splitting green timber to uniform size
Relaxing after the first day work
Laying in the timber in alternate rows
Entire pit filled to ground level
Making an air intake at one corner
Covering the top of the timbers
Earth covers, slot for fire in centre
'Supervising' the fire
"Is there anything to do?"
Still watching the fire
Changes - four corner openings
Opening after 24 hours (to cool)
Paper and grass cover remains
Exposing the top layer of wood
Only the centre converted to charcoal
Removing the unburned timber
Collecting up the charcoal produced
Returning the debris to the pit
Filling the pit back in
Waxing philosophical on the experience
Text and photography © 2007, Darrell Markewitz