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An Introduction to BLACKSMITHING

ISBN 978-0-9783284-0-5

Prefect for the beginner smith - this DVD will help you get started! Even just the information contained on tools and how to pick them could save you $$$!

This three hour program contains a wealth of information, including what to look for in used tools, building a home shop, and demonstrations of a number of basic forming techniques. The first part covers TOOLS, including : forges / lighting a fire / coal / anvils / hammers / vices / safety / the home forge. The second half illustrates TECHNIQUES, demonstrating : hammer use / 'S' hooks / tent peg / fire poker /twists / toasting fork.

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Check this segment : 'Twisting Square Bar'


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ISBN 978-0-9783284-1-2

Ideal for the beginner to intermediate level blacksmith or knifemaker!

This two and three quarter hour program deals with the historic development of cutting edges and forging technology, as well as demonstrating the methods of producing three reproduction blades. Lecture topics include : introduction to iron and its alloys / evolution of foundry furnaces and forges / basics of heat treating / historic blade patterns. The demonstrations show : heat treating / as well as the forging of : Romano-British table knife / Norse small seax / 1800's patch knife.

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to January 15, 2021
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Check this segment : 'Forging a Tang'


Is someone in your gift list hooked on 'Forged in Fire' ?
Give them a chance to start out on the right foot, with both these instructional videos combined!

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Viking Game


viking game

Answer a Challenge 1000 Years in the Making !

Viking Game is suitable for ages 10 to adult. The basic rules are simple: all pieces use the same movement, and capture by surrounding an opponent on two sides. The object of the game is for the defenders to get the king to one of the corner squares; for the attacker to stop him. A simple as this sounds, the strategy can be complex, and for two experienced players can become a contest of wits!

The first three programs in this series (Introduction / Bladesmithing / Forge Viking ) were all shot using older analog VHS video equipment. It was also decided to use the actual 'in the workshop' ambient sound. An experienced blacksmith knows the sound of the hammer on metal is an important clue as to the progress of the work, and I wanted to illustrate this. These are NOT slick commercial tapes with voice overs and music sound tracks! For both those reasons, the image and sound quality of these programs may not prove to be equivelent to that provided by state of the art digital equipment. The amount of information provided on each remains exceptional.

Starting on February 1, 2011, a new upgraded edit of these programs was made. This included the use of 'chapter' menus and formating for use on computer hardware DVD drives.
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All text and photographs Darrell Markewitz, the Wareham Forge.