Historical Sketch -

the Wareham Forge

Prepared September 2004

The Wareham Forge is a 'sole proprietorship' of Darrell Markewitz, legally registered in the Province of Ontario and Federally for GST.

The Wareham Forge was created in February of 1992, and has been in constant daily operation since that date.

As the Wareham Forge, principal Darrell Markewitz undertakes a variety of tasks:
- Exhibit and Program Design and Creation : Primarily focused on living history style presentations.
- Museum Consulting : Individual contracts dealing primarily with interpretive staff training and public education related to specific exhibits.
- Teaching, Lecturing and Physical Demonstrations : A regular series of hands on technical workshops are conducted every year. Occasional lectures are scheduled on specialized history and museum related topics. A range of modern and historically accurate equipment is used to deliver technical demonstrations and living history presentations over a range of time periods.
- Historic Reproductions in Metals : Exact reproductions and replicas for use in museum standing exhibits, interpretive programing, and by re-enactors
- Artisan Blacksmith : Creation of original art metalwork designs
Over a given year, the balance of these types will vary, depending on what projects become available. Large scale, museum based projects are always given precedence over other work.

In the undertaking of past large scale museum / interpretive displays, the Wareham Forge has developed a network of highly trained specialist artisans as sub contractors. Where it has proved useful to the completion of a project, this network has been expanded to include skilled researchers and academics.

To ensure that core knowledge stays current and experience remains relevant, regular observation visits are made to a large number of living history type museums. In the past, this has included virtually all major sites in the North East quadrant of North America, as well as some in England and Ireland. Darrell Markewitz has attended a number of academic and related professional conferences, including the presentation of four serious academic papers.

The Wareham Forge maintains its production facility in rural Gray County. This workshop is primarily equipped for metalworking, ranging from large forgings to fine work in precious metals. Past work has included a wide range of other mediums as well: wood, leather, textiles, glass. Stress is placed on historically accurate techniques and the highest possible craftsmanship.

Past projects undertaken by the Wareham Forge have included considerable use of multi-media and computer based materials. To this end the operation is thoroughly 'wired' and maintains a significant presence on the world wide web.