Tradition and Innovation
Virtual Walk Through

Unless otherwise stated, objects are listed left to right, top to bottom, as they appear in the image. For detailed descriptions, go to the individual artist's pages. The walk through starts at the entrance to the gallery, moving from the right and back through the exhibit.

'Moonglow' (DM3) - Darrell Markewitz
'Morning Glory Shawl' (ND7) - Nancy Davies
'Crow' (CC1) - Catherine Crowe

'Celtic Cross' (BW2) - Brigitte Wolf
'Celtic Sampler Square' (BW6) - Brigitte Wolf
'Northern Lights Shawl' (ND7) - Nancy Davies
'Abstract Penanular' (CC21) - Catherine Crowe
'Berry Picking Scarf' (ND2) - Nancy Davies
'Riples Scarf' (ND1) - Nancy Davies
'Butterfly Wings' (ND8) - Nancy Davies
'Copper Clock 1' (DM1) - Darrell Markewitz

'Shannon's Pillow' (JW3) - Jane Wild
'Sund Disk' (DM3) - Darrell Markewitz
'David's Story' (JW1) - Jane Wild

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All text and photographs © the individual artists.
'Virtual Tour' photographs © 2003 Darrell Markewitz, the Wareham Forge.