Tradition and Innovation
Virtual Walk Through - Two

'Bearded Iris' (FL1) - Faith Layard
'Garden Lanterns' (FL2) - Faith Layard
'Six Side Star' (JW5) - Jane Wild
'Table of a Celtic Chess Master' (KG6) - Kelly Green
'Compostion in Blue' (BW13) - Brigitte Wolf
'Gothic Arch' (BW7) - Brigitte Wolf
'Winter Blanket' (JW2) - Jane Wild
'Table of Imperfect Balance' (KG10) - Kelly Green

(not listed as appears)
Faith Layard
'Twig' (FL3)
'Tulipa Breeze' (FL4)
'Leafing Pod' (FL5)
'Aerial Observer' (FL6)
'Sheer' (FL7)
'Charting' (FL8)
'Colour Weave' (FL9)
'Rhythm / Rhyme' (FL10)
'Rolling Waters' (FL11)
'Weavescape' (FL12)
'Sundance' (FL13)
'River Weave' (FL14)
'Passing' (FL15)
Earrings (FL16/ 17)

(not listed as appears)
Brenda Roy
'Vessel' (BR1)
'Bracelet' (BR2)
'Lewis King Necklace' (BR3)
'Earrings' (BR4)
'King Face Brooch' (BR5)
'Lewis Warder Brooch #1' (BR6)
'Earrings' (BR7/8)
'Shield Earrings' (BR9)
'Lewis Warder Brooch #2' (BR10)
'Necklace' (BR11)
'Earrings' (BR12/11)

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'Virtual Tour' photographs © 2003 Darrell Markewitz, the Wareham Forge.