Tradition and Innovation
Feburary 7 - March 1

Lindsay Gallery
190 Kent Street West - Lindsay, Ontario

Featuring the work of 8 artisans, working in a wide range of media.

Catherine Crowe - enamelist
Nancy Davies - weaver
Kelly Green - woodcarver
Faith Layard - enamelist
Darrell Markewitz - blacksmith
Brenda Roy - goldsmith
Jane Wild - textile artist
Brigitte Wolf - stained glass

Take a virtual tour of the exhibit : HERE

"This show grew up spontaneously, almost entirely based on friendships. All these artists, with whom I am honoured to be showing my work, are not only disciplined and talented artists, but most importantly my friends. Some are old friends, like Jane Wild, who was in high-school art class with me and Nancy Davies, who gave me weaving lessons in exchange for baby-sitting her daughter while I was at University. Some, like Kelly Green are new friends with whom I have shared great conversations on the concepts of art. Others are mentors, like Faith Layard who has been my companion in my first enamelling classes. Brenda Roy, Darrell Markewitz and Brigitte Wolf are long time cronies, and all fellow members of AnDroichead / The Bridge, a small collective of artists who regularly share artistic, organisational and imbibing activities."

"We all share a special relationship with our chosen media, and a respect for the traditions that they embody. From this starting point, we have all brought our unique personalities and skills to bear in creating entirely new works. I hope you find some reflection of the past, illuminated by the contemporary artist's hand."
Artistic Director: Catherine Crowe

All text and photographs © the individual artists.
'Virtual Tour' photographs © 2003 Darrell Markewitz, the Wareham Forge.