A Juried Exhibit of Contemporary Artisans
Woodstock Museum - Woodstock Ontario
September 5 to November 1 - 2008

Grave Goods

Featuring the work of:

Caz Bently
wood block prints
Daniel Bernyk
metal scuplture
Pat Burns-Wendland
hand spun weaving
Scott Caple
Larry Cluchey
wood turning
Catherine Crowe
Dark Ages Re-creation Company
living history
Sandra Dunn
& Steve White

Dianne Edwards
Kelly Green
wood carving
Allison Hamilton
Lydia Ilarion
fine metalwork
David Ivens
Lloyd Johnson
forged metals
Mary Lazier
Elsa Mann
Darrell Markewitz
forged metals
Rosemary Molesworth
Kelly Probyn-Smith
Mark Puigmarti
forged metals
David Robertson
forged metals
Brenda Roy
fine metalwork
Rob Schweitzer
tablet weaving
Graeme Sheffield
forged metals
A.G. Smith
Steve Strang
painting & drawing
Ruth Swanson
Kathryn Thomson
blown glass
Mark Tichenor
Laura Travis
stone carving
Catherine VamVakas Lay
blown glass
Sara Washbush
fine metalwork
Brigitte Wolf
stained glass

Kelly Green
315 Park Street
Kitchener ON
N2G 1N2

Kelly Green is a modern artist who is completely self taught. His main medium is carving into
salvaged wood using both knives and chisels. These carvings are really a form of sculpture
called "low relief". As a modern artist Kelly’s work is heavily symbolic. He almost never carves figures, instead, Kelly carves ideas, emotions, and feelings on a spiritual level before
Christianity, Judaism, Islam or Buddhism was ever set in place. Kelly uses the spirals of the
Ancient Celts as the language for his visual art. Kelly feels that spirals are an ancient universal Spiritual language known by all cultures before written language was invented about three thousand years ago. His other source of inspiration comes from Quantum physics. Really the two sources of his inspiration are the same. We live in an electromagnetic universe that is spiraled. Wave and vibration are spiraled. In other words energy according to the laws of physics, cannot be created or destroyed. Energy can only be transformed from one state of existence to another and then to another. Kelly feels that ancient peoples, Celts included understood more about how the universe was constituted that what we give them credit for. All Energy is spiraled, it’s the way light, wind and water travels. Even our DNA is spiraled. It is the Spiral that connects us and all things imagined to the divine. Hence his interests in Grave Goods and what those grave goods symbolize while the interned spirits are waiting for transformation.

"I believe that Spirals are for Protection
Before Christianity the ancient Celts had a reincarnation theory. The Celts did not believe
in death. They felt that their spirits or souls went from transformation to transformation. For them the spiral represented the life force or energy of the Creator of the all that we and all things are connected to. Some of these spirals had very specific meanings but basically the Celts felt that the great spirals represented the protective nature of the Creator of the all, what many modern people call God. These Protective spirals dominated their art for 6,000 years. Not only did they line their burial mounds with massive slabs of stone with these great protective spirals but much of their art was curvilinear in design.
Anything in a circle, a bend, a twist, a curve is a spiral. The mystic spirals represent connection and transformation of the universal life force that pulsates throughout the electromagnetic universe and connects us all and everything around us to the divine energy of which we all are a part."

‘Eternal Vibrations’
carved and painted wood from 100 year old construction beam, iron base

All of the life giving energy begins and ends and begins again at the hole in the top center which is also the portal to the other side or world in a never ending re birth and resurrection cycle of life.

‘In Commemoration of Standing Stones # 16’
caved and painted wood from a salvaged 1940’s kitchen table top

This piece echoes the theme of transformation and connectedness forever more. Notice how the vibrations spill over the edges to fill the universe beyond.


‘Universal Connections’
carved and painted wood from salvaged bass plank, cut and laminated to this pane size.

Before the conversion to Christianity the Celts did not see the face of God as male or female. God to the Celts was both male and female aspects balance perfectly. Celtic Ying / Yang appears on stones both in Ireland and Scotland dating back five and six thousand years ago. Some scholars call this dual aspect of God as the Divine Couple. the Celtic Ying / Yang can be seen near center in this panel and its creative energy emanating outward and filling the universe. With its single electric blue line which is the conduit that connects us all both materially and spiritually


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