A Juried Exhibit of Contemporary Artisans
Woodstock Museum - Woodstock Ontario
September 5 to November 1 - 2008

Grave Goods

Featuring the work of:

Caz Bently
wood block prints
Daniel Bernyk
metal scuplture
Pat Burns-Wendland
hand spun weaving
Scott Caple
Larry Cluchey
wood turning
Catherine Crowe
Dark Ages Re-creation Company
living history
Sandra Dunn
& Steve White

Dianne Edwards
Kelly Green
wood carving
Allison Hamilton
Lydia Ilarion
fine metalwork
David Ivens
Lloyd Johnson
forged metals
Mary Lazier
Elsa Mann
Darrell Markewitz
forged metals
Rosemary Molesworth
Kelly Probyn-Smith
Mark Puigmarti
forged metals
David Robertson
forged metals
Brenda Roy
fine metalwork
Rob Schweitzer
tablet weaving
Graeme Sheffield
forged metals
A.G. Smith
Steve Strang
painting & drawing
Ruth Swanson
Kathryn Thomson
blown glass
Mark Tichenor
Laura Travis
stone carving
Catherine VamVakas Lay
blown glass
Sara Washbush
fine metalwork
Brigitte Wolf
stained glass

Ruth Swanson
SUNSPOTS Pottery Studio
182464 Conc. 12 Normanby - RR 3
Ayton ON
N0G 1C0

Ruth has been making a living as a full-time potter for 37 years. She studied art at the University of Iowa and apprenticed at Three Tribes Stoneware in North Dakota and at Gordon Pottery, Elora/Salem, ON. Since 1974 she has operated SUNSPOTS Pottery with Bill Mason producing a wide range of functional stoneware fired to cone 10 reduction in a large oil-fired kiln.

“ I have always been what you could call “devoted to function,” i.e. I want my pots to be used rather than decorative, contemplated. It occurs to me that it would be the ultimate honour to have an urn that I had made chosen by someone to contain the ashes of their loved-one. This is the thought that brought me to Grave Goods. “

Funerary and Keepsake Urns (sets of two)
Green / White
Large $150 / small $50
wheel-thrown stoneware clay high-fired to cone 10 in a reduction atmosphere.

There are certain practical considerations for a funerary urn. Stoneware clay is particularly well suited, as it is completely water-proof and unaffected by the caustic quality of ash. The urns that I have made were designed with a lid that sheds water, should they be interred, and with handles and a knob to wire the lid in place so that it is secure. For those who wish to retain a small amount of ashes separately, there are “keepsake urns” which accompany each.
The most ornate of my urns, the green and white, was inspired by a Sung Dynasty funerary urn in the collection of the Albright-Knox Gallery in Buffalo, NY.


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