A Juried Exhibit of Contemporary Artisans
Woodstock Museum - Woodstock Ontario
September 5 to November 1 - 2008

Grave Goods

Featuring the work of:

Caz Bently
wood block prints
Daniel Bernyk
metal scuplture
Pat Burns-Wendland
hand spun weaving
Scott Caple
Larry Cluchey
wood turning
Catherine Crowe
Dark Ages Re-creation Company
living history
Sandra Dunn
& Steve White

Dianne Edwards
Kelly Green
wood carving
Allison Hamilton
Lydia Ilarion
fine metalwork
David Ivens
Lloyd Johnson
forged metals
Mary Lazier
Elsa Mann
Darrell Markewitz
forged metals
Rosemary Molesworth
Kelly Probyn-Smith
Mark Puigmarti
forged metals
David Robertson
forged metals
Brenda Roy
fine metalwork
Rob Schweitzer
tablet weaving
Graeme Sheffield
forged metals
A.G. Smith
Steve Strang
painting & drawing
Ruth Swanson
Kathryn Thomson
blown glass
Mark Tichenor
Laura Travis
stone carving
Catherine VamVakas Lay
blown glass
Sara Washbush
fine metalwork
Brigitte Wolf
stained glass

Rosemary Molesworth
Box 622
Shelburne, ON
L0N 1S0
519 925-3056

Rosemary Molesworth holds a B.A in Art History from Queen’s University in Kingston. She followed this up with a three year program of study in Ceramics at the Sheridan School of Crafts & Design in Mississauga. She has participated in a number of major craft shows over the decades since (one of her pieces was featured on the ‘Signatures’ advertising for several years). Work contributed to past exhibits throughout Central Ontario has proved award winning. Rosemary is also one of the past contributors to ‘Reflections of the Conquest’ at the Woodstock Museum.
Rosemary’s interest in ancient cultures, rituals, and the world around her is reflected in her work. She use clay slips, stencils, line drawings & sgraffito to depict her interpretation of these eclectic influences. The use of stylized images in neutral tones on simple shapes is an attempt to retain a whimsical or humourous portrayal while establishing an emotional link with the viewer. She strives to produce unique handmade functional pottery that can be used & enjoyed.

“ Grave Goods covers a delicate topic in our society. Although death touches us all most of us are not comfortable in this situation. Our traditions are mixed & to some extent hidden. We are sad & skittish around the topic of death. After looking at information on ancient burial traditions & mixing them with my own experience I decided to honour the ashes & the attitude of a life long voyage. “

'Angel & Bird' Bowl
black clay, white slip, stencils & sculptural birds

Angels & birds are connected to the idea of flight, goodness & protection. The Angel & Bird Bowl combines many rituals in one piece.

'Keepers of the Earth' Flat Serving Dish
black clay, white slip, stencils & sgraffito

Food was considered essential in life as well as death so two of my pieces are bowl like for the sharing of food. Our funeral practices also centre around food & companionship. The Keepers of the Earth image was inspired by a Haitian painting & used because I like the idea of sharing, community & protection that I felt it inspired. We come from, live on & return to the earth. It is our responsibility to conserve & maintain it.

'Keepers of the Earth' Memory Jar
black clay, white slip, stencils & sgraffito

The Memory Jar has feet & a sculptural knob to give it presence. The title Memory Jar allows it to contain other mementoes (dried flowers, small notes, keepsakes) as well as ashes.

'Dreaming Man with Bird' Jar
stoneware clay, stencils, slips & sgraffito

The male figure representing mankind lies dreaming on the earth while supporting a bird or nature. Below him the spiral of life & death dances in darkness.

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