A Juried Exhibit of Contemporary Artisans
Woodstock Museum - Woodstock Ontario
September 5 to November 1 - 2008

Grave Goods

Featuring the work of:

Caz Bently
wood block prints
Daniel Bernyk
metal scuplture
Pat Burns-Wendland
hand spun weaving
Scott Caple
Larry Cluchey
wood turning
Catherine Crowe
Dark Ages Re-creation Company
living history
Sandra Dunn
& Steve White

Dianne Edwards
Kelly Green
wood carving
Allison Hamilton
Lydia Ilarion
fine metalwork
David Ivens
Lloyd Johnson
forged metals
Mary Lazier
Elsa Mann
Darrell Markewitz
forged metals
Rosemary Molesworth
Kelly Probyn-Smith
Mark Puigmarti
forged metals
David Robertson
forged metals
Brenda Roy
fine metalwork
Rob Schweitzer
tablet weaving
Graeme Sheffield
forged metals
A.G. Smith
Steve Strang
painting & drawing
Ruth Swanson
Kathryn Thomson
blown glass
Mark Tichenor
Laura Travis
stone carving
Catherine VamVakas Lay
blown glass
Sara Washbush
fine metalwork
Brigitte Wolf
stained glass

David Ivens
Toronto, ON

David Ivens brings a unique combination of skill and craftsmanship to silversmithing. A firm foundation in design, fabrication and manipulation of decorative metal combined with silversmithing techniques provide him opportunities to cross boundaries. He enjoys the challenge of melding historical techniques with innovative ideas to design and craft pieces.
David has been developing skills in metal working and fabrication techniques since 1970. He has built and maintained a retail manufacturing and restoration business specializing in classic illumination.
Primarily self taught, David continues to develop his skills, training in Canada, Ireland and USA.  As well as designing and crafting his own pieces, he has done numerous commissions from memorials to contemporary lighting.  David has completed a legacy of work in heritage lighting in historic projects throughout Canada and he is continuing on a path of discovery and self expression in silversmithing.

"Grave Goods: pieces that give meaning to a shrine. "

Memorial to Marilyn, 1948 — 2008, Loved and Missed
Bronze Anticlastic Raising
Personal Collection of the Artist

This piece will be placed in my front garden a space that Marilyn planned
and planted for me.
Hammered from two sheets of bronze using anticlastic raising, done in reverse to mirror each other and silver soldered along the seams.


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